Recruitment Services


Grant Executive Search understands our clients’ strengths and goals and we develop our candidate acquisition strategies to meet their needs.  We provide sophisticated sourcing strategies to access the entire candidate market including passive candidates who are not actively seeking new positions.

We are experts in recruiting talent from the active and inactive candidate markets through the core services described below.  Each service is developed with client interaction to provide an assignment specific solution and incorporate additional value-adding features.  Our bespoke sourcing methodologies may include any of the following:

Executive Search

Grant Executive Search has established itself as a provider of Executive Search to deliver on senior, confidential and complex mandates.

Our knowledge of the markets we operate in is deep and current and provides clients with a unique opportunity to quickly access the premium talent that is not “on-market” or actively seeking opportunities.  Supported by a dedicated Research Manager we are able to leverage intellectual property to map the market and qualify potential candidates.

Advertised Search

Grant Executive Search is nimble in using all channels to market.  We access the most effective methodology to fulfil the assignment.  Print and internet advertising attract active talent to complement the candidates sourced through Executive Search.

We are committed to our role as an ambassador of our clients’ brand and manage the application and selection process through tight controls and with respect for clients and candidates.

Database Search and Research Team

Our significant database of candidates reflects the markets and functions that we recruit in.  Through the use of advanced technology and information management capabilities, we are swift in identifying relevant candidates for opportunities. 

Grant Executive Search also has an active research team which affords us significant exposure to inactive candidates, market trends, business insights and puts us one-step ahead at all times. 

External Talent Management

This process works to manage risk and effectively positions your organisation to manage the twists and turns of the candidate market.

Depending on your strategic agenda and appetite for managing risk we can develop a talent pool for your current and future organisational needs, and capture both active and in-active candidates for you to build and maintain a relationship with top talent in the market.

The program works in harmony with your internal succession planning and business development strategies to include:

  • Existing positions on your organisation chart that are strategically important, have a low bench-strength, or are difficult to resource; and
  • Future recruitment required to resource your corporate development plans.

This a great risk management tool if you are concerned about a key person moving on to other opportunities or where you regularly recruit in this area and don't want to wait 8 weeks to 4 months to get a new hire on board. 

Put very simply, we will identify and manage a pipeline of talent that meets your short-range and long-range recruitment needs.

Executive Contracting

Grant Executive Contracting offers solutions for interim and executive contracting assignments including strategy, deployment, program and project requirements, change management and transformation initiatives as well as senior finance roles requiring urgent coverage.

Our service includes the same detailed, personalised recruitment process expected of the Grant Executive Search permanent process.  This process includes robust sourcing and selection methods and all candidates are comprehensively interviewed and fully briefed.

Internal consulting services and benchmarking talent

Grant Executive Search has a well-qualified, experienced consulting team whose skills can be utilised in supporting key internal hires, providing consulting support and career guidance to develop talent internally.